A blog presenting the comic book project, Roscoe and Alice Find God.

Page One Roughs

There’s always a starting point to every project, and though Roscoe and Alice may have had its origins in another format entirely, eventually common sense and my overbearing sheer love of the medium brought it to comics. That said, even in comic-form the story has gone through some drastic changes over time, the evolution of which I’ll be sure to detail at some later date.

The point is, after all of the push-and-pull, debating, and re-evaluating, when Jonathan sent along the earliest of work, it gave me that warm fuzzy feeling inside that let me know that this bad boy was finally on its way to becoming a reality. And as such, I can now proudly present to you Jonathan’s rough of the very first page of Roscoe and Alice Find God. I realize that most of you have, at this point, no idea what’s going on or what this story is even about. But hey, you’ll find out soon enough.


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