A blog presenting the comic book project, Roscoe and Alice Find God.

Page One: Inked!

I admit that I feel as though I’ve been withholding something, having gotten the inked page one over the weekend and haven’t posted it until now. The inks are gorgeous:

Page one serves essentially as the jump off point for the entire plot of Roscoe and Alice, and I think Jonathan has done a superb job of capturing the grim aesthetic that comes with the subject matter. Though page one reeks of noir, the rest of the comic is decidedly less so, but there’s no doubt that I’d love to work with Jonathan on a noir story someday.

Speaking of the stark black and white, after he finished the page, the idea was tossed around at keeping Roscoe and Alice a black and white book, but after the color test of page one’s last panel, I think it’s safe to say that idea is out the window.

On a related note, we haven’t updated since Lindsay Lohan cried her ginger patootie off and got carted to jail. Tough being famous and untouchable isn’t it?


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