A blog presenting the comic book project, Roscoe and Alice Find God.

And… Page One Completed (sans Letters)

The man is in the zone, what can I say? Shortly after he sent in his inks and a sample of his color work, I got to feast my eyes upon Jonathan’s gloriously completed first page of Roscoe and Alice Find God. As the first legit comics project that I’ve worked on, the joy of seeing my verbose blurbage come to life on the page is overwhelming. Without further ado:

Jonathan made some awesome tweaks to the colors from the early samples I saw, including the nice little flicker of light from Detective Waters’ lighter flame and the more subtle hue glowing from the headlights of the cop car. I think the colors take away a bit of that noir feel that was present with the straight black and white, and makes it more relevant to the surreal nature that the story will take down the line.

It’s an exciting time for me, things are happening and I’ll soon be departing the ever depressing NYC area for greener pastures (literally) to focus on writing full time. It’s a long time coming, to be honest, and I can’t wait to take one of the biggest risks of my life.

Also, I’d like to give a shout to my friend Jesse Fairbairn for helping us out with some nifty logo and cover designs, one of which you’ll notice above as the header of this wonderful blog.

More to come!


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