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Mel Gibson & Lindsay Lohan: America’s Sweethearts

In a week with such interesting and important news like a deciphered pre-Biblical language, it’s remarkable to me that mainstream media outlets have such an intense focus on Mel Gibson’s ridiculous tirades and Lindsay Lohan’s trip to the slammer for being a self-centered brat. With an American public so desperate to know the ins and outs of our celebrities, real news is taking a back seat to Hollywood.

More remarkably, the major media outlets are apparently in such a huge rush to cover these Earth-shattering events that their copywriters and proofreaders have disappeared entirely, if this screen shot from CNN’s Nancy Grace blog  is any indication:

I’m quite sure that Ms. Lohan ‘in is’ obsessive denail, which is why it’s a good thing there’s no way in Hell that she’ll serve the full 90 days of her sentence. Name me the last time any of these folks served full jail time for a non-threatening crime. Let’s face it; there’s no reason to have sympathy for Lohan. She’s a spoiled brat that missed her court-appointed counseling sessions. It’s not hard to show up somewhere on time in between lines of coke, especially when you are living off of Hollywood money. I’d like to think she was given 90 days in prison more for her absurd sense of entitlement, rather than missing her alcohol counseling.

As for Mel Gibson, well, the man is clearly out of his mind. We knew that back in the early 90s when he bashed the gay community, repeatedly. Let’s let it go, and perhaps focus on reporting the retirement of Massachusetts Chief Justice Margaret Marshall or the accusation of a judge’s bias related to an an anti-gay hatecrime. I doubt any member of the American public – family and friends of the aforementioned celebs aside – have lost any sleep over the recent Hollywood antics, so why waste precious web space and TV time on it?

Of course, accusations of hypocrisy are sure to be inbound as you read this, but I argue that I’m merely promoting a comic book. I’m not a world renowned and ‘trusted’ news conglomerate.

On the plus side, “but you will blow me first” is now part of the American lexicon, and has given way to parodies, like this one, from which I’ve derived hours upon hours of laughter for sheer idiocy.


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