A blog presenting the comic book project, Roscoe and Alice Find God.

Snooki Too Ugly For Real Life

The R&A blog is meant to be a stream of updates concerning our comic book. Not a tirade against reality television stars. But seeing as how it directly relates, I’m not ashamed to put in my two cents of the Jersey Shore “star”, Snooki’s recent comments (and worse, John McCain’s agreement) about being “too pretty” to go to jail. Observe:

Despite the fact that Snooki is one of the most disgustingly unattractive humans on the planet, this egotistical proclamation is unfortunately fairly accurate. In the eyes of the American public, she is too pretty to go to prison. There’s a way about us that we put celebrities on a pedestal from which they can do no wrong. With the era of the quintessential movie star long gone, we’ve been left with faux-stars that do nothing more than add to the already shameful reputations of Americans as a people and collect a fat paycheck for doing so.

So, Snooki, while you may be too pretty for jail, you’re most assuredly too ugly for my life.


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