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Roscoe and Alice Find God #1, Page 8

So this is it! For now, anyhow. Jonathan and I produced the initial 8 pages of R&A as a potential pitch and primer, so we hope you’ve enjoyed the misery thus far. There’s a great (if I do say so myself) story to be told here, full of staged PETA protests, washed up conformist hippies, ¬†and embezzlement — hopefully someday you’ll get to see it in its completion!

Without further ado, Page 8 (click to enlarge):

Roscoe and Alice Find God #1, Page 8


Roscoe and Alice Find God #1, Page 7


Roscoe and Alice Find God #1, Page 7

Roscoe and Alice Find God #1, Page 6

I’ll be off to the illustrious New York Comic-Con tomorrow morning, so I thought I’d leave the weekend open with the next page of R&A, which is somewhat of a cliffhanger. I hope you can all manage to wait for page 7…

Roscoe and Alice Find God #1, Page 6

Roscoe and Alice Find God #1, Page 5

Click to enlarge!

Roscoe and Alice Find God #1, Page 5

More soon…

Roscoe and Alice Find God #1, Page 4

We’re back in action with the next page of R&A, after taking a brief time out for me to deliver my ramblings on Joaquin Phoenix’s hoax. In other news, Lohan is back in rehab, Snooki has a “book” coming out (ghost writer, anyone?) and more importantly, Tony Curtis passed away (RIP).

Spread the word of Roscoe and Alice, and send these pages to your mother, grandmother, aunt, and all of their bridge partners. Click to enlarge!

Roscoe and Alice Find God #1, Page 4

Roscoe and Alice Find God #1, Page 2

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Presenting… Roscoe and Alice Find God #1, Page 1!

Hey everyone,

At last, we’re ready to start debuting pages from R&A! Proudly presenting Page 1 (click to enlarge):

Stay tuned in the coming days for more!

FUBAR = WWII + Zombies!

I just want to give a quick shout out to Jonathan’s work in the epic WWII zombie anthology that just debuted at Baltimore Comic-Con last weekend, FUBAR. He illustrates a story called DE GUERS, written by Stephen Lindsay that is truly awesome.

I know some folks are “over” the zombie thing, but I urge you to check it out (Diamond Order Code SEP100743). There’s 13 stories for a mere $12. Nothing says value like less than $1 per story and 168 pages.

Check out the official FUBAR blog, the FUBAR Facebook page, and you can even check out MOTHER RUSSIA, one of the 13 stories featured in the anthology. Who says anthologies are (un)dead?

Page 3 Colors

It’s been a long and tedious month, due mostly to excessive amounts of stress and bullshit. All of that aside, R&A progress is down to the wire and the completed 8-page preview will be available soon! As I mentioned in an earlier post, we won’t be posting any preview art beyond Page 4, to be pretentious and reserve the integrity of the story. That said, for your viewing pleasure, is the colored Page 3:

Page 4 Pencils to Ink Comparison

Page 4 is about the ending point of where I feel comfortable showing off the unlettered work of Roscoe and Alice Find God before it’s giving away too much. Beyond this point, you might find significantly less artwork updates until the final pages are revealed. However, given that the Page 2 comparison worked so well, I thought it might be fun to do the same kind of thing for Page 4, but with pencils to inks instead.

Roscoe and Alice Find God Page 4 Pencils to Ink Comparison

I love how much changes in the image just from a coat of ink. Obviously, backgrounds and such will become more fully rendered once the colors are added, but the inks add significant depth and character traits. Jonathan continues to astonish, and make sure you let him know by dropping him a line on Twitter.