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FUBAR = WWII + Zombies!

I just want to give a quick shout out to Jonathan’s work in the epic WWII zombie anthology that just debuted at Baltimore Comic-Con last weekend, FUBAR. He illustrates a story called DE GUERS, written by Stephen Lindsay that is truly awesome.

I know some folks are “over” the zombie thing, but I urge you to check it out (Diamond Order Code SEP100743). There’s 13 stories for a mere $12. Nothing says value like less than $1 per story and 168 pages.

Check out the official FUBAR blog, the FUBAR Facebook page, and you can even check out MOTHER RUSSIA, one of the 13 stories featured in the anthology. Who says anthologies are (un)dead?


Page 3 Colors

It’s been a long and tedious month, due mostly to excessive amounts of stress and bullshit. All of that aside, R&A progress is down to the wire and the completed 8-page preview will be available soon! As I mentioned in an earlier post, we won’t be posting any preview art beyond Page 4, to be pretentious and reserve the integrity of the story. That said, for your viewing pleasure, is the colored Page 3:

Snooki Too Ugly For Real Life

The R&A blog is meant to be a stream of updates concerning our comic book. Not a tirade against reality television stars. But seeing as how it directly relates, I’m not ashamed to put in my two cents of the Jersey Shore “star”, Snooki’s recent comments (and worse, John McCain’s agreement) about being “too pretty” to go to jail. Observe:

Despite the fact that Snooki is one of the most disgustingly unattractive humans on the planet, this egotistical proclamation is unfortunately fairly accurate. In the eyes of the American public, she is too pretty to go to prison. There’s a way about us that we put celebrities on a pedestal from which they can do no wrong. With the era of the quintessential movie star long gone, we’ve been left with faux-stars that do nothing more than add to the already shameful reputations of Americans as a people and collect a fat paycheck for doing so.

So, Snooki, while you may be too pretty for jail, you’re most assuredly too ugly for my life.

Page 4 Pencils to Ink Comparison

Page 4 is about the ending point of where I feel comfortable showing off the unlettered work of Roscoe and Alice Find God before it’s giving away too much. Beyond this point, you might find significantly less artwork updates until the final pages are revealed. However, given that the Page 2 comparison worked so well, I thought it might be fun to do the same kind of thing for Page 4, but with pencils to inks instead.

Roscoe and Alice Find God Page 4 Pencils to Ink Comparison

I love how much changes in the image just from a coat of ink. Obviously, backgrounds and such will become more fully rendered once the colors are added, but the inks add significant depth and character traits. Jonathan continues to astonish, and make sure you let him know by dropping him a line on Twitter.

CNN Says Reality TV is ‘Shorthand for Everything Wrong with America’

Hey, they said it, not me.

In an article posted today on CNN.com, writer Todd Leopold half assed a defense of reality television, claiming that despite claims to the contrary, not all reality TV is fixed or scripted. He even goes so far to say that while we have to endure drivel (my words, not his) like Jersey Shore, we also get programs like Deadliest Catch that are genuinely compelling TV. Technically, I would consider something like Deadliest Catch or Cake Boss more of a documentary program, but hey, I don’t write for CNN.

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Page 3 Inks

School is a tough place for most of us. Especially the awkward, introverted kids (who usually end up being writers). Roscoe is very much one of those children, albeit for different reasons than the rest of us, which you’ll discover in due time. Though it’s only the third page of the story, I wanted to establish Roscoe’s role in the school society immediately, and Jonathan did a hell of a job capturing it.

Feedback has been great thus far, and it’s much appreciated. Tell your friends! Just as a reminder, you can check out Jonathan’s DeviantArt page here: http://furmanjon.deviantart.com/

Mel Gibson & Lindsay Lohan: America’s Sweethearts

In a week with such interesting and important news like a deciphered pre-Biblical language, it’s remarkable to me that mainstream media outlets have such an intense focus on Mel Gibson’s ridiculous tirades and Lindsay Lohan’s trip to the slammer for being a self-centered brat. With an American public so desperate to know the ins and outs of our celebrities, real news is taking a back seat to Hollywood.

More remarkably, the major media outlets are apparently in such a huge rush to cover these Earth-shattering events that their copywriters and proofreaders have disappeared entirely, if this screen shot from CNN’s Nancy Grace blog ┬áis any indication:

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Page 2 Inks/Colors Comparison

Leave it to a bit of color to spice things up. For most, this is your first look at the meat and potatoes of what will be the Roscoe and Alice story; though a detective/mystery tale is sort of what comes across from the first page, you’ll see it diverts greatly.

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And… Page One Completed (sans Letters)

The man is in the zone, what can I say? Shortly after he sent in his inks and a sample of his color work, I got to feast my eyes upon Jonathan’s gloriously completed first page of Roscoe and Alice Find God. As the first legit comics project that I’ve worked on, the joy of seeing my verbose blurbage come to life on the page is overwhelming. Without further ado:

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Page One: Inked!

I admit that I feel as though I’ve been withholding something, having gotten the inked page one over the weekend and haven’t posted it until now. The inks are gorgeous:

Page one serves essentially as the jump off point for the entire plot of Roscoe and Alice, and I think Jonathan has done a superb job of capturing the grim aesthetic that comes with the subject matter. Though page one reeks of noir, the rest of the comic is decidedly less so, but there’s no doubt that I’d love to work with Jonathan on a noir story someday.

Speaking of the stark black and white, after he finished the page, the idea was tossed around at keeping Roscoe and Alice a black and white book, but after the color test of page one’s last panel, I think it’s safe to say that idea is out the window.

On a related note, we haven’t updated since Lindsay Lohan cried her ginger patootie off and got carted to jail. Tough being famous and untouchable isn’t it?